Ensuring Safe & Effective Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Work Management

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The development of the training module is aimed to enable and build understanding among the TNB HDD Contractors regarding to the safety requirement and technical issues at site. It is to overcome frequent accidental damage to TNB underground cables and other underground utilities properties during HDD works. A group of competent TNB’s project supervisor shall also be trained to conduct effective site

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 TNB Guideline – To follow TNB Guidelines on the procedure of in-stalling ducts by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method for underground cable installation.
 Safety Practice – To adopt prudent safety practices by HDD Con-tractors in performing HDD work.
 DOE Compliance – To adopt worksite preparation and worksite reinstatement in compliance to Department of Environment (DOE) and others statutory requirement.
 Standard procedure – To adopt standard procedure in handling HDD work accidents and standard remedial actions.

Learning Content
Day 1
– Pre Test
– Safety
– TNB Requirement
– Method Statement Preparation
Day 2
– Pre & Post Site Management
– Mitigation Plan
– EML /Cable Locator
Day 3
– EML / Cable Locator Practical
– Utility Mapping Interpretation
– Underground Cable Detection Record
– Case Study & Discussion

– Theory Exam


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